A matter of time!! 

Hello loves!! So there’s much to catch up on. I have done some revamping and much deleting since most posts are 2-3 years old and I’m starting a fresh slate. I want to just bring the blog up to date like I never left!! I was just trying to figure out the direction of the blog and I’m back and with much better content to offer!!

My business offers Fashion Show Production as well as Creative Consulting. I plan to post about fashion/event trends and need-to-know topics, along with motivation, and my ideas on how you can make money with your passion!! This is a little bit of my journey and I’ll be documenting my productions as well as an inside look as I build my brand!!

Please remember that I am no journalist but I have some great stuff to share and feel free to comment and connect with me!!

Here’s a timeline to show you what I’ve been up to while M.I.A. from here!!

  • May 2014-Graduation Spring 2014- B.A. in Fashion Merchandising from Marymount University

  • May 2014-Hired as Event Coordinator at the Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center 
  • January 2015-Opened the doors to Dunn W. Style, LLC offering Fashion Show Production & Creative Consulting 

time  is something that you can never ever get back. Through the blog I lost a lot of time that I could of have been building but for good reason, in my opinion, I had nothing of value to really say yet. As you can see, I have something to offer to anyone stopping by my blog. I have gained a lot of experience. Made a difference with fashion for multiple years to get gifts under the tree for Christmas! I achieved a major goal to get my bachelors degree and I also opened the doors to my own business and I have clients!! OMG!! Thank you God is all I can say!! I pray for opportunities and he places them upon my path!!

Until next time…Picasso baby!


W. Style


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