Passion 2 Boss

Beyond the Tank offers Free Advice to all its viewers!!!


5.1.15 #BeyondtheTank  

Thank me later! I watched intently and got great little nuggets for my own business and mapping/growth considerations along this journey of being a complete BOSS!! This is FREE advice from Sharks every week, but tonight was the premiere of Beyond the Tank on ABC!!! Enjoy & Be great!!

-Pricing: “If  you’re gonna go high end go high end, if you’re going to go low end go low end, but being in the middle will kill you!”-Robert Herjavek

-“Indecision is a decision!”-Robert Herjavek 

-Consistant brand identity is important and having a way to maintain that focus and still have the ability to evolve and become clearer for your target market

-“Triumph! get ready for the roller coaster ride! It will be extreme highs and extreme lows but that’s success and how you get out of those lows and keep going!”-Carter Kostler

-fyi: Make your own item or someone makes the item for you = copacker

-It’s okay to admit that you need help or express you may be over your head And learn from your mistakes

-go to expos & Trade shows!!!!!!! **(I tell people this all the time!) 

-“No excuses because another year nobody has time to wait on, we need to get this done!!” -Daymond John 

-with clients, vendors, investors: Build a trusting relationship not just always building that business relationship…but to build a mutual respect and trust that forms a bond that leads to a higher level of motivation from all parties for a common goal

-Have a good family unit and support system 

-Market research to find out what your customer wants 

-Set up samples or stations at retailers —get in front of the public

-“Let’s get to selling!” -Al “Bubba” Baker

-Its not about what you want but what your customer wants, do surveys or market research and give it to them 

-Visit your vendors or whoever is indirectly effecting your product or service BE HANDS ON!

If you liked the nuggets come back next week….Oooh, looks like focusing on knowing when to lead and follow !!! Loving this show already!!




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